FR: Pre-camp cuts

In this post, we’ll compare cuts that NFL teams made between the beginning of July and the beginning of training camps. For analysis of previous cuts this offseason, go to the May/June cuts post and work your way back. Because there are so few major cuts, we’re not comparing them but simply listing them in this post.

Jaguars (cut DE Reggie Hayward) – Hayward has had some good seasons, but recent injuries have limited his effectiveness. With the Jags continuing to seek to upgrade at defensive end by adding Aaron Kampman and several draft picks, Hayward’s so-so production and advancing age became an unattractive option.

Lions (cut S Josh Bullocks) – Bullocks was the last remaining draft pick from Matt Millen’s reign (at least the 2002-2006 part of it). Bullocks has physical skills but has never translated them onto the field, and with the Lions adding Louis Delmas last year, it quickly became clear that the team had better safety options.

Eagles (cut LB Alex Hall) – Hall was one of the pieces Philadelphia acquired in the Sheldon Brown trade, but his purported pass-rush ability wasn’t good enough to merit even a training-camp roster spot.


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