More than a name now for Brown

The Eagles finally traded disgrunted CB Sheldon Brown as part of a three-player, two draft pick deal with Cleveland. Brown is now a Brown, along with LB Chris Gocong, and in exchange the Eagles receive LB Alex Hall and fourth- and fifth-round picks in this year’s draft. Below are some thoughts on the deal; you can see how it compares to other offseason trades (including three others by Cleveland) in this post.

Brown is the latest in a line of Eagles cornerbacks that got upset by their role and paychecks, and like Lito Sheppard he’s now gone. Brown wasn’t as good as Asante Samuel, but he has been a consistent starter for Philly. He now moves to Cleveland, where he will get a chance to be Cleveland’s No. 1 corner. Brown isn’t a true shutdown corner, but he’s solid and will get physical when needed. He’s an upgrade for Cleveland. Gocong started 11 games at outside linebacker last year but was little more than a placeholder there. Now he moves to Cleveland’s 3-4, which may be a better fit for him. New Browns GM Tom Heckert knows the Eagles’ talent well, so when he projects Gocong, a former defensive end, as an outside linebacker, we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Hall is just a special-teams player to replace Gocong on those units, so the real value Philly got in this deal was the fourth- and fifth-round picks. That’s not great return for a starting cornerback, so for once it seems like the Browns were the shrewder trading partner.


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