The relative

In my past life, I was a sportswriter who covered football for Pro Football Weekly and the Spartanburg (S.C.) Herald-Journal. Then God changed up my plans, and I became a writer and editor at a Christian non-profit called Wayfarer. (My business card says “concepts and editorial designer,” but if you think writer and editor you’ll get the idea.) But I’ve kept up with football. Now in addition to Football Relativity, I’m a contributor to ESPN Spartanburg’s Open Mic Daily and the National Football Authority, and Football Relativity’s work is also featured at Most Valuable Network.


I’m a Wake Forest (undergrad) and Northwestern (master’s) alumnus, and I’m married to a Clemson grad. That, plus my proximity to the NFL’s Panthers, give you a heads-up on potential biases. I’ll try to be objective, but I won’t pretend this site is completely free of bias or bull. You’ll probably end up having to sift through a little of both here, along with some silliness, football geekiness, and lots of good old-fashioned opinion. Enjoy.

2 responses to “The relative

  1. Chad Norris

    You are being too hard on stafford. He is proving people wrong. Terrible o-line!

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