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Pick ’em – Wild Card round

We didn’t make picks in Week 17, more because of life happening than because we were dodging something. But we’re back with a vengeance this week with our wild-card picks. Instead of simply picking games against the spread, we’ll go a little further and tell you why.

Texans QB T.J. Yates faces the Bengals again, via chron.com

Houston -3 over Cincinnati

This is the trickiest game to pick all weekend, because both teams have major warts. The Bengals didn’t beat a winning team all season, and even lost to the T.J. Yates-led Texans at home. The Texans have fallen apart due to injuries. Ultimately, we’re going to go with the home team to make enough plays defensively – thanks in large part to rookies J.J. Watt and Brooks Reed – to get the win. Houston 14, Cincinnati 10

New Orleans -10 vs. Detroit

The Saints should win this game, and if it’s a shootout (as everyone expects) they’ll likely get a late turnover for the cover, because that’s what their defense is built to do. Credit goes to the Lions for breaking through and reaching the playoffs, but they don’t have enough defense for this matchup. New Orleans 31, Detroit 17

N.Y. Giants -3 over Atlanta

The Falcons, like the Bengals, haven’t beaten anyone great while taking care of lesser teams. The Giants, meanwhile, struggled at times against lesser competition but always rose to the occasion. Plus, the Giants team we saw beat the Cowboys in Week 17 had a healthier defense than what we’ve seen all season. That should be enough for the Giants to get one playoff win and move forward into a much more daunting second-round matchup. N.Y. Giants 24, Atlanta 20

Pittsburgh -9 at Denver

The thing that made the Broncos a threat during their midseason rally was defense, and that defense has declined in the past month or so. If Denver can’t stop Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown, they won’t even come close to being in position for Tebow Time. There’s no in-between in this game – it will either go down to the wire, or the Steelers will win by 17 points or more. We think the latter is far more likely. Pittsburgh 24, Denver 3

And by the way, here’s a little bonus from someone who went 48-34-2 ATS in NCAA picks this year: LSU beats Alabama by more than the 1-point spread. We’ve believed for a while that the Tigers are the best team in college football, as shown by regular-season wins over 3 BCS bowl winners – and all 3 away from home (Oregon in Dallas, at Alabama, at West Virginia). They’ll prove it again by winning the national championship Monday night.

Season: 43-50-5 pro, 91-84-7 overall


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Pick ’em Week 14

Last week was another good one for our picks, as we finally climbed over .500 in our pro picks against the spread and continued to build our college picks. Now, as the college regular season wraps up with Army/Navy, let’s see if we can keep the momentum going with our pro picks.

The Bengals and Texans clash this week, via cbshouston.com

NCAA pick
Navy -7 vs. Army (Washington D.C.)

NFL picks
Houston +3 at Cincinnati
New Orleans -4 at Tennessee
Miami -3 vs. Philadelphia
Carolina +3 vs. Atlanta
Denver -3.5 vs. Chicago
Oakland -11.5 at Green Bay
Dallas -3 vs. N.Y. Giants

Last week: 4-2 college, 4-2 pro, 8-4 overall
Season: 44-32-2 college, 37-36-4 pro, 81-68-6 overall


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Pick ’em Week 13

Last week was another decent but not great week in our picks. Here are the selections for championship week in college football and Week 13 in the NFL.

WR Jacoby Ford and the Raiders take on the Dolphins, via fantasyfootballchallenge.com

NCAA picks
Houston -14.5 vs. Southern Miss
Baylor -3 vs. Texas
LSU -14 vs. Georgia (Atlanta)
Oklahoma State -3.5 vs. Oklahoma
Virginia Tech -7 vs. Clemson (Charlotte)
Michigan State +10 vs. Wisconsin (Indianapolis)

NFL picks
Tennessee +3 at Buffalo
Oakland +3 at Miami
Cincinnati +7 at Pittsburgh
Houston +1.5 vs. Atlanta
N.Y. Giants +7 vs. Green Bay
New Orleans -9 vs. Detroit

Last week: 4-3 college, 3-3 pro, 7-6 overall
Season: 40-30-2 college, 33-34-4 pro, 73-64-6 overall


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Pick ’em Week 11

Last week went opposite of our normal results, as our college picks stunk but our pro picks went 5-2. We’ll try to continue that pro momentum this week while getting college picks fixed. Here are this week’s picks.

RB Fred Jackson and the Bills take on LB Karlos Dansby and the Dolphins, via sbnation.com

NCAA picks
Michigan -3.5 vs. Nebraska
Virginia +17.5 at Florida State
Baylor +16 vs. Oklahoma
USC +15 at Oregon
SMU +20 at Houston

NFL picks
Oakland -1 at Minnesota
Cincinnati +7 at Baltimore
Atlanta -7 vs. Tennessee
Chicago -4 vs. San Diego
Miami – 1 vs. Buffalo

Last week: 1-5 college, 5-2 pro, 6-7 overall
Season: 32-26-2 college, 27-30-3 pro, 59-56-5 overall


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Pick ’em Week 10

Last week was a solid 8-3 week. Let’s build on it with this week’s picks.

The Bengals face the Steelers in an AFC North battle, via steelerstoday.com

NCAA picks
Louisville -3 vs. Pittsburgh
Nebraska -3.5 at Penn State
South Carolina -3.5 vs. Florida
Auburn +13 at Georgia
Boise State -15.5 vs. TCU
Stanford -3.5 vs. Oregon

NFL picks
Atlanta +1 vs. New Orleans
Cincinnati +3 vs. Pittsburgh
Dallas -5.5 vs. Buffalo
Houston -3.5 at Tampa Bay
Chicago -3 vs. Detroit
San Francisco -3 vs. N.Y. Giants
New England +1 at N.Y. Jets

Last week: 4-1 college, 4-2 pro, 8-3 overall
Season: 31-21-2 college, 22-28-3 pro, 53-49-5 college


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Pick ’em Week 9

Last week was an utter failure in terms of our picks. Let’s turn things back around with this week’s predictions.

The Bills try to take down QB Mark Sanchez and the Jets, via nydailynews.com

NCAA picks
Arkansas -5 vs. South Carolina
Wake Forest +14 vs. Notre Dame
Oklahoma State -21 vs. Kansas State
LSU +5 at Alabama
Oregon -16.5 at Washington

NFL picks
Buffalo -1.5 vs. N.Y. Jets
San Francisco -4 at Washington
New England -9 vs. N.Y. Giants
Green Bay -5.5 at San Diego
Baltimore +3.5 at Pittsburgh
Chicago +8 at Philadelphia

Last week: 1-4-1 college, 2-3 pro, 3-7-1 overall
Season: 27-20-2 college, 18-26-3 pro, 45-46-5 overall


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Pick ’em Week 8

We continue to make progress in college picks and lose it in NFL picks. Hopefully we can make up some ground pro-wise with this week’s picks.

The Chiefs and Chargers face off in an AFC West battle, via chargers.com

NCAA picks
Michigan State +4 at Nebraska
Georgia -3 vs. Florida (Jacksonville)
Baylor +14.5 at Oklahoma State
Kansas State +14 vs. Oklahoma
Stanford -8 at USC
Clemson -4.5 at Georgia Tech

NFL picks
Carolina -3.5 vs. Minnesota
Buffalo -6 vs. Washington (Toronto)
New England -3 at Pittsburgh
Dallas +3.5 at Philadelphia
Kansas City +3.5 vs. San Diego

Last week: 3-2 college, 1-4 pro, 4-6 overall
Season: 26-16-2 college, 16-23-3 pro, 42-39-5 overall


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Pick ’em Week 7

Last week was the epitome of a meh week – three pushes in 12 games, and an overall record of 4-5-3. Hopefully this week’s picks will yield more wins.

RB Darren McFadden and the Raiders take on the Chiefs, via raiders.com

NCAA picks
North Carolina +11 at Clemson
LSU -23.5 vs. Auburn
USC +8.5 at Notre Dame
Stanford -21 vs. Washington
Wisconsin -8 at Michigan State

NFL picks
Detroit -3.5 vs. Atlanta
Tennessee -3 vs. Houston
N.Y. Jets +2.5 vs. San Diego
Tampa Bay +1 vs. Chicago (London)
Oakland -4 vs. Kansas City

Last week: 2-2-1 college, 2-3-2 pro, 4-5-3 overall
Season: 23-14-2 college, 15-19-4 pro, 38-33-5 overall


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Pick ’em Week 6

We finally had a big-time picking week in Week 5, going 10-2 overall. Let’s build on the momentum with this week’s picks.

LB London Fletcher leads the Redskins vs. the Eagles, via upi.com

NCAA picks
Michigan +1.5 at Michigan State
Texas A&M +9 vs. Baylor
Oklahoma State -8.5 at Texas
Illinois -3.5 vs. Ohio State
Arizona State +14 at Oregon

NFL picks
Detroit -4.5 vs. San Francisco
N.Y. Giants -3 vs. Buffalo
Washington +2 vs. Philadelphia
Oakland -7 vs. Cleveland
Baltimore -8 vs. Houston
New England -7 vs. Dallas
Tampa Bay +4 vs. New Orleans

Last week: 4-1 college, 6-1 pro, 10-2 overall
Season: 21-12-1 college, 13-16-1 pro, 34-28-2 overall


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Pick ’em Week 4

ESPN.com picked Calvin Johnson as one of the 5...

WR Calvin Johnson and the Lions visit the Cowboys. Image via Wikipedia

We stabilized our picks last week and now look to build on the momentum with another winning week. On to this week’s picks.

NCAA picks
Arkansas +3 vs. Texas A&M (Dallas)
South Carolina -9.5 vs. Auburn
Clemson +7 at Virginia Tech
Alabama -4 at Florida
Nebraska +9 at Wisconsin

NFL picks
Carolina +7 at Chicago
Dallas -1 vs. Detroit
Pittsburgh +4 at Houston
Oakland +4.5 vs. New England
Baltimore -4 vs. N.Y. Jets

Last week: 3-2 college, 3-2 pro, 6-4 overall
Season: 14-9-1 college, 6-11-1 pro, 20-20-2 overall

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