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Crazy Kicker of Week 9

The Crazy Kicker of the Week award is not about accomplishment as much as it is about the attempt. So while Eagles P Chas Henry’s fourth-quarter fake punt pass fell short against the Bears, the fact that the Eagles drew up a play that gave Henry a wide-open receiver in Colt Anderson is crazy in itself. That makes Henry our crazy kicker of Week 9.

You can watch the craziness unfold here.

Crazy Kickers of the Week 2011
Week 6: P Shane Lechler, Raiders
Week 5: P Daniel Sepulveda, Steelers
Week 4: PK Mason Crosby, Packers
Week 2: P Michael Koenen, Buccaneers
Week 1: P Sam Koch, Ravens
Preseason Week 4: P Dustin Colquitt, Chiefs
Preseason Week 2: P Andy Lee, 49ers
Preseason Week 1: PK Josh Brown, Rams

Eagles P Chas Henry after unsuccessful craziness, via philly.com


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