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Crazy Kicker of Divisional Week

Normally, in the playoffs the kicker craziness abates, but we had two good crazy kicker candidates this week. So while Packers PK Mason Crosby’s surprise onside kick would normally suffice, this week the craziest kicker is Patriots QB Tom Brady. Brady quick-kicked on third down, punting for 48 yards and pinning the Broncos at the 10-yard. The fact that a fight broke out after the kick only made things crazier.

QB/Punter Tom Brady, via cbsboston.com

Our National Football Authority friends show you why Tom Brady is this week’s crazy kicker of the week.

Crazy Kickers of the Week 2011
Divisional round: QB/P Tom Brady, Patriots
Week 17: PK David Akers, 49ers
Week 14: P Andy Lee, 49ers
Week 12: PK Dave Rayner, Bills
Week 11: P Michael Koenen, Buccaneers
Week 10: PK David Akers, 49ers
Week 9: P Chas Henry, Eagles
Week 6: P Shane Lechler, Raiders
Week 5: P Daniel Sepulveda, Steelers
Week 4: PK Mason Crosby, Packers
Week 2: P Michael Koenen, Buccaneers
Week 1: P Sam Koch, Ravens
Preseason Week 4: P Dustin Colquitt, Chiefs
Preseason Week 2: P Andy Lee, 49ers
Preseason Week 1: PK Josh Brown, Rams

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