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Pick ’em Week 16

A couple of weeks ago, we snuck our heads above water in our NFL picks, but since then it has been a disaster. We’re going to try to get back on the right track with this week’s picks. Note that the college picks run through next Thursday.

RB Frank Gore and the 49ers face the Seahawks, via nydailynews.com

NCAA picks
Louisville +1 vs. N.C. State (Charlotte)
Texas -3 vs. California (San Diego)
Florida State -3 vs. Notre Dame (Orlando)
Baylor -10 vs. Washington (San Antonio)

NFL picks
Arizona +4 at Cincinnati
Kansas City -2 vs. Oakland
New York Jets -3 vs. New York Giants
Detroit -3 vs. San Diego
Dallas -3 vs. Philadelphia
Seattle +2 vs. San Francisco
New Orleans -7 vs. Atlanta

Last week: 1-0 college, 2-5 pro, 3-5 overall
Season: 45-33-2 college, 41-46-4 pro, 86-79-6 overall

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Can Chargers bolt into the playoffs?

For National Football Authority, we break down the state of the San Diego Chargers. What do the Chargers need to do to keep up their recent winning streak and bolt into the playoffs? Click here to find out.

Can QB Philip Rivers, RB Ryan Mathews and the Chargers bolt into the playoffs? via mvn.com

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