Pick ’em Week 13

Last week was another decent but not great week in our picks. Here are the selections for championship week in college football and Week 13 in the NFL.

WR Jacoby Ford and the Raiders take on the Dolphins, via fantasyfootballchallenge.com

NCAA picks
Houston -14.5 vs. Southern Miss
Baylor -3 vs. Texas
LSU -14 vs. Georgia (Atlanta)
Oklahoma State -3.5 vs. Oklahoma
Virginia Tech -7 vs. Clemson (Charlotte)
Michigan State +10 vs. Wisconsin (Indianapolis)

NFL picks
Tennessee +3 at Buffalo
Oakland +3 at Miami
Cincinnati +7 at Pittsburgh
Houston +1.5 vs. Atlanta
N.Y. Giants +7 vs. Green Bay
New Orleans -9 vs. Detroit

Last week: 4-3 college, 3-3 pro, 7-6 overall
Season: 40-30-2 college, 33-34-4 pro, 73-64-6 overall


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