Crazy Kicker of Week 12

Week 12 featured one of the craziest kicker plays we’ve seen all season. Bills PK Dave Rayner, who is filling in for the injured Rian Lindell, was kicking off from the Bills’ 20-yard line after the much-discussed excessive celebration penalty against Buffalo WR Stevie Johnson. But Lindell mis-hit the kick, making it look like an onside kick that went just 15 yards before it hit the Jets’ Emmanuel Cook. Cook recovered at the Jets’ 36, and a few plays later Plaxico Burress – the player Johnson had mocked – scored a touchdown that tied the game at 14.

Rayner redeemed himself with a 53-yard go-ahead field goal in the fourth quarter, but it wasn’t enough in the Bills’ 28-24 loss. However, it was more than enough to earn Rayner the crazy kicker of the week honors.

Bills PK Dave Rayner, via

Crazy Kickers of the Week 2011
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Preseason Week 2: P Andy Lee, 49ers
Preseason Week 1: PK Josh Brown, Rams


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