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Pick ’em Week 11

Last week went opposite of our normal results, as our college picks stunk but our pro picks went 5-2. We’ll try to continue that pro momentum this week while getting college picks fixed. Here are this week’s picks.

RB Fred Jackson and the Bills take on LB Karlos Dansby and the Dolphins, via sbnation.com

NCAA picks
Michigan -3.5 vs. Nebraska
Virginia +17.5 at Florida State
Baylor +16 vs. Oklahoma
USC +15 at Oregon
SMU +20 at Houston

NFL picks
Oakland -1 at Minnesota
Cincinnati +7 at Baltimore
Atlanta -7 vs. Tennessee
Chicago -4 vs. San Diego
Miami – 1 vs. Buffalo

Last week: 1-5 college, 5-2 pro, 6-7 overall
Season: 32-26-2 college, 27-30-3 pro, 59-56-5 overall


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