Pick ’em Week 10

Last week was a solid 8-3 week. Let’s build on it with this week’s picks.

The Bengals face the Steelers in an AFC North battle, via steelerstoday.com

NCAA picks
Louisville -3 vs. Pittsburgh
Nebraska -3.5 at Penn State
South Carolina -3.5 vs. Florida
Auburn +13 at Georgia
Boise State -15.5 vs. TCU
Stanford -3.5 vs. Oregon

NFL picks
Atlanta +1 vs. New Orleans
Cincinnati +3 vs. Pittsburgh
Dallas -5.5 vs. Buffalo
Houston -3.5 at Tampa Bay
Chicago -3 vs. Detroit
San Francisco -3 vs. N.Y. Giants
New England +1 at N.Y. Jets

Last week: 4-1 college, 4-2 pro, 8-3 overall
Season: 31-21-2 college, 22-28-3 pro, 53-49-5 college


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