Pick ’em Week 9

Last week was an utter failure in terms of our picks. Let’s turn things back around with this week’s predictions.

The Bills try to take down QB Mark Sanchez and the Jets, via nydailynews.com

NCAA picks
Arkansas -5 vs. South Carolina
Wake Forest +14 vs. Notre Dame
Oklahoma State -21 vs. Kansas State
LSU +5 at Alabama
Oregon -16.5 at Washington

NFL picks
Buffalo -1.5 vs. N.Y. Jets
San Francisco -4 at Washington
New England -9 vs. N.Y. Giants
Green Bay -5.5 at San Diego
Baltimore +3.5 at Pittsburgh
Chicago +8 at Philadelphia

Last week: 1-4-1 college, 2-3 pro, 3-7-1 overall
Season: 27-20-2 college, 18-26-3 pro, 45-46-5 overall


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