Rise/Sink/Float Week 6

Each week, we look through the Sunday NFL results to find one team that’s rising, one team that’s sinking, and one team that stays at the same level. You’ll see these changes reflected in our weekly Football Relativity comparison of all 32 teams.

QB Alex Smith and the 49ers won in Detroit, via mysanantonio.com

Rise – San Francisco 49ers – The 49ers moved to 5-1 with a come-from-behind road win in Detroit. While all of the focus has been on the postgame battle between head coaches Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz, the 49ers’ on-field play continues to be impressive. It’s almost a foregone conclusion that the 49ers will win the west, but road wins in Philadelphia and Detroit leave the impression that San Fran may not be an easy out come playoff time.

Sink – Indianapolis Colts – The Colts fell to 0-6 after a 27-17 road loss at Cincinnati. It’s incredible to see how far and how fast the Colts have fallen. Even with QB Peyton Manning out, Indianpolis’s other pieces aren’t doing enough things well. Now it’s time to watch and see if the Colts sell off some pieces before Tuesday’s trade deadline.

Float – Dallas Cowboys – The Cowboys lost in New England on a last-minute touchdown, but their solid performance shows that they’re in the mix in an NFC East that has other inconsistent teams. Dallas hasn’t always played well in late situations, but in tough road games at San Francisco and New England they’ve showed up, which is a good sign. Now the Cowboys must take the next step forward by winning these close games.


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