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Pick ’em Week 6

We finally had a big-time picking week in Week 5, going 10-2 overall. Let’s build on the momentum with this week’s picks.

LB London Fletcher leads the Redskins vs. the Eagles, via upi.com

NCAA picks
Michigan +1.5 at Michigan State
Texas A&M +9 vs. Baylor
Oklahoma State -8.5 at Texas
Illinois -3.5 vs. Ohio State
Arizona State +14 at Oregon

NFL picks
Detroit -4.5 vs. San Francisco
N.Y. Giants -3 vs. Buffalo
Washington +2 vs. Philadelphia
Oakland -7 vs. Cleveland
Baltimore -8 vs. Houston
New England -7 vs. Dallas
Tampa Bay +4 vs. New Orleans

Last week: 4-1 college, 6-1 pro, 10-2 overall
Season: 21-12-1 college, 13-16-1 pro, 34-28-2 overall


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Why the Panthers should avoid Brandon Lloyd

With Broncos WR Brandon Lloyd on the trading block, we discuss how the Carolina Panthers have some interest and why they should stay away from trading for Lloyd. Click here to read all about it.

Broncos WR Brandon Lloyd, via 1043thefan.com

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Suicide Pool Suggestions Week 6

The Giants slipped up and bit us in our suicide pool suggestions last week, but we’re still 13-2 overall with a long list of traps avoided. This week, we turn to some old reliables – with one caveat. Find out whether the Steelers (against the Jaguars), the Packers (against the Rams), the Falcons (against the Panthers), or the Jets (against the Dolphins) is your best option this week – and which is a trap to avoid – by clicking here.

Jets QB Mark Sanchez takes on the Dolphins once again, via nj.com

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