Rise/Sink/Float Week 5

Each week, we look through the Sunday NFL results to find one team that’s rising, one team that’s sinking, and one team that stays at the same level. You’ll see these changes reflected in our weekly Football Relativity comparison of all 32 teams.

Versatile Bills safety George Wilson starred against the Eagles. Photo via buffalowdown.com

Rise – Buffalo Bills – We’ve featured the Bills here before, but they took another step toward legitimacy with a 31-24 home win against the Eagles. Buffalo has an offense that, if it’s not elite, is close to it, and the defense is decent enough to keep the Bills competitive. There’s still no guarantee that the Bills can keep up with the Patriots in the AFC East, but Sunday’s win was a huge step toward playoff contendership.

Sink – Houston Texans – We’ve always had reservations about the Texans and whether they can finally take the leap this year, and Sunday’s home loss to the Raiders shows the reason why. While the Raiders were undoubtedly motivated to Just win, baby after Al Davis’ death over the weekend, the Texans need to take care of business at home. Houston is still the favorite in the AFC South, because we have believed since the start of the season that the division would be won at 9-7. But Matt Hasselbeck’s resurgence keeps the Titans in the conversation as well. The Texans must grow past these kinds of losses before we rate them as a contender for true AFC relevance.

Float – New York Giants – We have been reluctant to move the Giants too high in our comparison, and Sunday’s home loss to the Seahawks shows why. The Giants have been too devastated by injuries, especially defensively, to put up consistent performances week after week. Luckily for the Giants, the rest of the NFC East is also struggling, so they’re not out of the mix. But Big Blue is too black and blue right now.


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