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Pick ’em Week 5

A small step forward, a small step back. The last couple of weeks, we’ve been stuck in neutral in our picks. We’ll try to rectify it this week.

Tom Brady and the Patriots try to soar over the Jets, via thecriticalarizonan.com

NCAA picks
Oklahoma -10 vs. Texas (Dallas)
LSU -14 vs. Florida
Auburn +10 at Arkansas
Georgia -1 at Tennessee
Kansas State +3 vs. Missouri

NFL picks
Buffalo +3 vs. Philadelphia
Carolina +7 vs. New Orleans
Oakland +6 at Houston
Tampa Bay +2.5 at San Francisco
New England -8 vs. N.Y. Jets
Green Bay -6 at Atlanta
Detroit -6 vs. Chicago

Last week: 3-2 college, 1-4 pro, 4-6 overall
Season: 17-11-1 college, 7-15-1 pro, 24-26-2 overall


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