Rise/Sink/Float Week 3

Each week, we look through the Sunday NFL results to find one team that’s rising, one team that’s sinking, and one team that stays at the same level. You’ll see these changes reflected in our weekly Football Relativity comparison of all 32 teams.

Bills RB Fred Jackson breaks free vs. the Patriots, via buffalonews.com

Rise – Buffalo Bills  – The Bills recovered from a 21-0 deficit and broke a 15-game losing streak against the New England Patriots. It was an impressive 34-31 win, and it speaks to the fact that the Bills offense is going to be a force to be reckoned with. QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is an above-average starting quarterback, and he has a solid group of unheralded but talented receivers. Plus, the Bills offensive line may be coming together. The defense is still a bit of a concern, but the offense is going to be good enough to keep the Bills competitive just about every week. That’s a big step forward.

Sink – St. Louis Rams – We were believers in the Rams this year, at least to win the moribund NFC West. But St. Louis has struggled throughout the season, and they bottomed out against the Ravens at home this week in a 37-7 loss. Now the Rams need to throw away thoughts of winning the division and just focus on getting out of their tailspin by winning a game. So far, not good for St. Louis.

Float – Pittsburgh Steelers – The Steelers had an unexpected fight on their hands against the Colts in Indianapolis, but they rallied to record a 23-20 win. It wasn’t pretty, and offensive line injuries continue to be a concern, but we won’t penalize the Steelers for finding a way to get a road win.


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