Woody wouldn’t in 2011

Damien Woody at a New York Jets mini-camp in F...

Damien Woody. Image via Wikipedia

Amidst the flurry of NFL transactions on Tuesday (posts coming forthwith) came the announcement that Jets ORT Damien Woody had opted to retire. Below are some thoughts on Woody’s career; we compare him to other 2011 retirees in this updated post.

Woody, a former first-round pick in New England, had a long career in which he played virtually everywhere on the offensive line. He started out as a center, making one Pro Bowl for the Pats and starting for the team’s 2001 Super Bowl champ. He then moved to left guard in 2003, starting for another Pats championship squad. He moved on to Detroit as a free agent, starting three seasons at right guard before moving to right tackle. He then spent three more years as a Jet, starting at right tackle. His versatility no doubt elongated his career, and to the end he remained an effective run blocker. He had good if not great athleticism for a lineman, which made him effective as well. After starting 166 games in 12 seasons, Woody can retire knowing that he made the most of his opportunities – no matter where on the offensive line they came. Now the Jets turn to Wayne Hunter, who got a four-year, $13 million contract the same day Woody retired, as their new right tackle.


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