Deja Vu – Evaluating the 2011 Football Relativity mock draft

Before we evaluate our a mock draft, a few notes:
*Check out the first-round draft thoughts for a division-by-division and team-by-team roundup of the first round, and the Football Relativity Twitter feed for initial thoughts on the weekend events. We’ll wrap everything draft-wise up next week.

Now that the preliminaries are out of the way, here are the first-round results, compared to what we predicted. As you can see, we hit seven picks dead on, including the Jake Locker longshot. We also had 29 of the 32 first-rounders correct.

1. QB Cam Newton, Panthers – as predicted

2. OLB Von Miller, Broncos – predicted 3rd, off 1

3. DT Marcell Dareus, Bills – predicted 2nd, off 1

4. WR A.J. Green, Bengals – as predicted

5. CB Patrick Peterson, Cardinals – predicted 7th, off 2

6. WR Julio Jones, Falcons – predicted 14th, off 8

7. OLB Aldon Smith, 49ers – predicted 17th, off 10

8. QB Jake Locker, Titans – as predicted

9. OT Tyron Smith, Cowboys – as predicted

10. QB Blaine Gabbert, Jaguars – predicted 5th, off 5

11. DE J.J. Watt, Texans – predicted 18th, off 7

12. QB Christian Ponder, Vikings – predicted 25th, off 13

13. DT Nick Fairley, Lions – predicted 6th, off 7

14. DE Robert Quinn, Rams – predicted 10th, off 4

15. C Mike Pouncey, Dolphins – as predicted

16. DE Ryan Kerrigan, Redskins – predicted 23rd, off 7

17. OT Nate Solder, Patriots – predicted 19th, off 2

18. DE Corey Liuget, Chargers – predicted 22nd, off 4

19. CB Prince Amukamara, Giants – predicted 13th, off 6

20. DE Adrian Clayborn, Buccaneers – as predicted

21. DT Phil Taylor, Browns – predicted 28th, off 7

22. OT Anthony Castonzo, Colts – predicted 12th, off 10

23. OG Danny Watkins, Eagles – predicted 27th, off 4

24. DE Cameron Jordan, Saints – predicted 11th, off 13

25. OT James Carpenter, Seahawks – not predicted in first round

26. WR Jonathan Baldwin, Chiefs – not predicted in first round

27. CB Jimmy Smith, Ravens – predicted 26th, off 1

28. RB Mark Ingram, Saints – not predicted in first round

29. OT Gabe Carimi, Bears – predicted 21st, off 8

30. DE Muhammad Wilkerson, Jets – as predicted

31. DE Cameron Heyward, Steelers – predicted 32nd, off 1

32. OT Derek Sherrod, Packers – predicted 31st, off 1

Had in first round, but still on the board: DaQuan Bowers (16th), Andy Dalton (24th), Akeem Ayers (29th)

So there you go. We had direct hits at 1, 4, 8, 9, 15, 20, and 30, (for a total of 87 points under our scoring system) and also correctly matched Jimmy Smith with the Ravens (which would have been 26 more points if not for the Ravens’ passing on a pick). We missed five more players by single spots.

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