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In the interest of self-evaluation, we wanted to evaluate our 2010 preseason predictions.

We hit on one of eight division winners – the Colts in the AFC South. Three of our predicted division winners – the Ravens, Saints, and Packers – made the playoffs but did not win their divisions.

We hit on six of 12 playoff teams – the four teams mentioned above, plus the Falcons and Patriots, whom we picked as wild-card teams but who are the No. 1 overall seeds after winning their divisions.

Our MVP picks – Aaron Rodgers and DeMarcus Ware – both had fine seasons. Rodgers is likely a top-10 MVP pick, while Ware led the league in sacks. But neither will win the award.

Our Super Bowl teams were the Cowboys, who stumbled out of the gate and missed the playoffs, and the Colts. We had the Colts winning the Super Bowl, so we still have a chance there.


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