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Pick ‘Em Week 17

It’s a strange week of picks, given the NFL slate that features contenders with horses already in the barn. So we’ll go heavy on the bowls to compensate. Here are this week’s picks:
Note: Picks made on Wednesday 12/29

Baylor -1.5 vs. Illinois
Oklahoma State -6 vs. Arizona
North Carolina -2 vs. Tennessee
South Florida +6 vs. Clemson
Notre Dame +3 vs. Miami
UCF +7 vs. Georgia
Florida State +3 vs. South Carolina
Michigan State +10 vs. Alabama
Florida -7 vs. Penn State
TCU -3 vs. Wisconsin
Virginia Tech +3.5 vs. Stanford
Ohio State -3.5 vs. Arkansas

Tampa Bay +8 vs. New Orleans
Indianapolis -10 vs. Tennessee
Washington +4 vs. N.Y. Giants
St. Louis -2.5 vs. Seattle

Last week: 2-2 college, 3-2 pro, 5-4 overall
(Note: 2 of last week’s picks carried over to this week)
Season: 46-58-2 college, 53-60-5 pro, 99-118-7 overall

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