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Suicide Pool Suggestions Week 17


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David Garrard’s interceptions cost us our winning streak this week, but we’re prepped for a win to close the season. Here are this week’s picks.

1. Atlanta over Carolina – The Falcons lost on Monday night to the Saints, which did a huge favor to suicide pool pickers who have Atlanta in the bank. With a bye and home-field advantage hanging in the balance, the Falcons will take care of business against the two-win Panthers, division rivalry or not. This is a super-safe Week 17 option.

2. Indianapolis over Tennessee – The Titans have shown little fight over the final half of the season, and the Colts have a ton to play for here. Look for Indy to take care of business and clinch the AFC South crown with a win.

3. Detroit over Minnesota – If you need an off-the-radar pick, this is the place to go. Whether the Vikings use rookie Joe Webb or the falling-apart-at-the-seams Brett Favre, they’ll be underdogs against a Lions team that is sprinting to the finish line – especially on a short week after their Tuesday-night win. Detroit has won three straight and now returns home with a chance to leave their fans with a good taste in their mouths, and we believe they’ll get it done.

Trap to avoid – N.Y. Jets over Buffalo – In a week where many usual favorites may not play all out, the Jets are likely to be the biggest culprits. With Mark Sanchez hurting, the Jets need to pull back the reins, even if it means a loss to the Bills. You don’t want to bank your suicide-pool hopes on the Joe McKnights of the roster.

Week 16 – L Jacksonville (vs. Washington)
Week 15 – W San Diego (vs. San Francisco)
Week 14 – W Pittsburgh (vs. Cincinnati)
Week 13 – W Philadelphia (vs. Houston)
Week 12 – W N.Y. Jets (vs. Cincinnati)
Week 11 – W Baltimore (at Carolina)
Week 10 – W Tampa Bay (vs. Carolina)
Week 9 – W Green Bay (vs. Dallas)
Week 8 – W Kansas City (vs. Buffalo)
Week 7 – L New Orleans (vs. Cleveland)
Week 6 – L Chicago (vs. Seattle)
Week 5 – L Houston (vs. N.Y. Giants)
Week 4 – L Tennessee (vs. Denver)
Week 3 – W Baltimore (over Cleveland)
Week 2 – W Oakland (over St. Louis)
Week 1 – W N.Y Giants (over Carolina)

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