Pick ’em Week 16

It seems as if our picking gene went on Christmas break early, because last week’s picks stunk. Hopefully this week will give us a better present…

*Note: Picks made Wednesday, Dec. 23

Boise State -17 vs. Utah
Navy +3.5 vs. San Diego State
N.C. State +3 vs. West Virginia
Missouri -1 vs. Iowa
Baylor -1.5 vs. Illinois
Oklahoma State -6 vs. Arizona

Chicago -1 vs. N.Y. Jets
St. Louis -2 vs. San Francisco
Oakland +3 vs. Indianapolis
Tampa Bay -6 vs. Seattle
Atlanta -3 vs. New Orleans

Last week: 0-1 college, 1-5 pro, 1-6 overall
Season: 44-56-2 college, 50-58-5 pro, 94-114-7 overall


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