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Rise/Sink/Float Week 13

Each week, we preview teams that are moving up and moving down in our weekly Football Relativity comparison. We’ll analyze all 32 teams on Tuesday.

Shaun Rogers after blocking a punt against the Dolphins

Rise – Cleveland Browns – The Browns are just 5-7, but they’ve definitely got things moving in the right direction. Not only are they playing teams close right now; they’re also starting to win those games, as they did with a 13-10 decision in Miami this week. The Browns are now a mid-level team, and we could see them rallying all the way to 8-8. Eric Mangini deserves to keep his job the way he has the team playing right now.

Sink – Tennessee Titans – The Titans got absolutely blasted at home by the Jaguars, as Jacksonville ran amok in a 17-6 final. While the run defense was abysmal, that wasn’t even the worst problem. As we posted on Twitter, the Titans offense looks downright hopeless right now. Kerry Collins is a wily veteran, but he’s a sitting duck in the pocket, and he can’t make the deep out throws anymore. With Vince Young gone, the Titans’ offensive woes -no TDs in the last three games – aren’t going to get better, and their defense isn’t good enough to overcome the moribund offense. It’s over for the Titans – the playoffs aren’t going to happen in 2010.

Float – Chicago Bears – We have the Bears just below the league’s elite, and they remain there despite a solid 24-20 road win in Detroit. While the Bears have been impressive about taking care of business this year, we still don’t have confidence in their ability to beat a top team in the playoff game. But give Chicago credit for consistently beating the teams they should, even on the road.

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Game Thoughts Week 13

Instead of featuring an in-depth look at one game in game thoughts this week, we spent early games clicking around to see what we could find. We posted these thoughts on Twitter but wanted to create a post to share them as well.

Jason Pierre-Paul has 4 sacks in last 2 weeks. Photo via espn.com

#Jaguars destroyed the #Titans – Jax does 1 thing exceptionally well – run – & that makes them relevant.

#Titans offense is hopeless, & Kerry Collins looks old. He knows where to throw the ball but can’t get it there. Don’t see rebound coming.

Jason Pierre-Paul really coming on for #Giants. With the rookie going, they suddenly look a lot scarier up front.

Like Jags, #Giants can really run the ball. Difference is Eli Manning is capable passer. NYG will be dangerous team in a playoff matchup.

I will never get why teams don’t go for 2 for the tie whenever they can. You can’t count on the future, so you have to take that shot.

Drew Brees drawing the Bengals offside on 4th-and-2 to set up game-winning TD was an MVP-type play #Saints

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