Pick ‘Em Week 10

Good news – our second great NFL week out of three. Bad news – another terrible NCAA week. Here we go again…

NCAA picks
Auburn -8.5 vs. Georgia
North Carolina +4 vs. Virginia Tech
Baylor +3 vs. Texas A&M
Florida -6.5 vs. South Carolina
Oregon -2 at California
Arizona +4 vs. USC

NFL picks
Atlanta -1 vs. Baltimore
Chicago +1.5 vs. Minnesota
Cleveland +3 vs. N.Y. Jets
Tennessee -1 at Miami
Houston +1 at Jacksonville
New England +5 at Pittsburgh
Washington +3 vs. Philadelphia

Last week: 1-6 college, 6-1-2 pro, 7-7-2 overall
Season: 28-41-1 college, 29-32-4 pro, 57-73-5 overall


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