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Suicide Pool Suggestions Week 10

 Thank you, Packers, for a heartburn-free pick last week. Now onto some pretty appealing picks for Week 10.

Josh Freeman vs. the Panthers in Week 2

1. Buccaneers over Panthers – The Buccaneers are pretty good, and the Panthers are very bad. That in itself is enough for us to have confidence picking the Bucs this week. But even more, Tampa has already handled the Panthers in Charlotte, and Carolina is playing without QB Matt Moore, RB Jonathan Stewart, and RB DeAngelo Williams this week. There’s no way Carolina will have enough offensive punch to keep up with Josh Freeman and company.

2. Colts over Bengals – The Colts are coming off a loss, and they’re pretty banged up, but they should be able to take care of business against the struggling Bengals at home. Indy simply doesn’t lose many games they’re supposed to win in the Peyton Manning era, and this game falls into that category. You can pick them with confidence this week.

3. Giants over Cowboys – The Cowboys are in the dumps, and for now they’re a great team to go against with suicide-pool picks. The Giants, meanwhile, are on a major roll, blowing out mediocre teams. Since the Cowboys aren’t even up to par with mediocrity at this point, the Giants become a great pick as well.

Traps to avoid: 49ers over Rams, Jets at Browns – Amazingly, when I checked the ESPN eliminator picks, the 49ers were this week’s top pick. That’s crazy, because they have been a poor team all season, while the Rams are OK. We expect Sam Bradford to go out and get a win by the bay this weekend. The Jets were also a popular pick, but after Cleveland blasted the Saints and Patriots in its last two games, we wouldn’t pick anyone against the Browns in an eliminator pool at this point.

Week 9 – W Green Bay (vs. Dallas)
Week 8 – W Kansas City (vs. Buffalo)
Week 7 – L New Orleans (vs. Cleveland)
Week 6 – L Chicago (vs. Seattle)
Week 5 – L Houston (vs. N.Y. Giants)
Week 4 – L Tennessee (vs. Denver)
Week 3 – W Baltimore (over Cleveland)
Week 2 – W Oakland (over St. Louis)
Week 1 – W N.Y Giants (over Carolina)

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