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Pick ’em Week 8

We finally got some momentum in the pro picks. Let’s keep this ball rolling in the right direction.

N.C. State +3.5 vs. Florida State
Georgia -3 vs. Florida (Jacksonville)
Missouri +7.5 at Nebraska
Michigan State +7 at Iowa
Oregon -7 at USC
Michigan -2.5 at Penn State

Washington +3 at Detroit
N.Y. Jets -6 vs. Green Bay
Denver E vs. San Francisco (London)
Tennessee -3.5 at San Diego
New England -5.5 vs. Minnesota
Pittsburgh -1 at New Orleans
Indianapolis -5.5 vs. Houston

Last week: 2-4 college, 6-1 pro, 8-5  overall
Season: 25-31-1 college, 21-27-2 pro, 46-48-3 overall

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