Crazy Kicker of Week 7

Reggie Hodges rumbles on a fake punt vs. the Saints. Photo from

After a distressing lack of shenanigans for most of the season, the Cleveland Browns provided a truly crazy kicker play in Week 7. Leading 10-3 in the second quarter, the Browns faced fourth and eight from their own 23. But instead of punting, Reggie Hodges took off running up the middle as the seas parted at the snap, and by the time he was tackled he had lumbered 68 yards to the Saints’ 9-yard-line. The play set up a Browns field goal, and the Browns went on to win 30-17. For his epic run, Reggie Hodges is our crazy kicker of the week.

2010 Crazy Kickers of the Week
CFL: WR Dave Stala, Tiger-Cats
Preseason Week 1: P Brett Kern, Titans
Preseason Week 2: PK Robbie Gould, Bears
Week 2: PK/Kickoff Rob Bironas, Titans
Week 5: Punter/holder Dustin Colquitt, Chiefs
Week 7: Punter Reggie Hodges, Browns


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4 responses to “Crazy Kicker of Week 7

  1. chase

    the moment i saw the highlight, i knew we had a winner!

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