Rise/Sink/Float Week 7

Each week, we preview teams that are moving up and moving down in our weekly Football Relativity comparison. We’ll analyze all 32 teams on Tuesday.

One of DeAngelo Hall's four interceptions against the Bears. Photo from espn.com

Rise – Washington Redskins – The Redskins went on the road and used a dominating defensive performance to claim a 17-14 victory over the Bears. Washington isn’t putting up a ton of points, but Donovan McNabb seems to make one good throw a game. Meanwhile, the defense is doing a good job of holding scores down to keep the team in the game. In this one, DeAngelo Hall deserves a major tip of the hat for intercepting four Jay Cutler passes, returning one of them for a 92-yard touchdown that ended up being the difference in the game. Washington isn’t an elite team, but it’s good enough to compete every week, and it won’t be a surprise for the Redskins to contend for a winning season and a wild-card berth throughout the season.

Sink – San Francisco 49ers – It’s over, 49ers fans. Your team isn’t an NFC West contender – it’s an also-ran. A 23-20 loss to the previously winless Panthers cements the fact that it’s not going to be the Niners year. Instead, upstarts Seattle and St. Louis will fight to get to 8-8 before defending champ Arizona does. Now Mike Singletary must stabilize things lest he lose his job.

Float – Baltimore Ravens – The Ravens ended up in a dogfight against the winless Bills, but they recovered from an early two-touchdown lead and a blown 10-point fourth-quarter advantage to eke out a 37-34 overtime victory. It wasn’t impressive, but the way the Ravens threw the ball to come back was impressive, and ultimately they got the win. Not every W is pretty, and the Ravens will take this one despite the lack of aesthetics.


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