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Suicide Pool Suggestions Week 7

Somehow, we’ve lost three in a row in this endeavor. At least we warned you away from picking the Chargers last week. Here are this week’s suggestions.

Drew Brees of the Saints

1. Saints over Browns

The Saints showed some power last week at Tampa Bay, and now they host a banged-up Browns team starting a rookie quarterback. Even though Colt McCoy didn’t look terrible against the Steelers, our hunch is that he’ll have a turnover or two as the Saints seek to return to being opportunistic on defense. That, plus a home game, should give the Saints a safe win. 

2. Ravens over Bills – The other obvious pick this week is the Ravens, who finally catch a break with the schedule with a home game against the Bills. Buffalo has yet to win, and on the road they’ve been pretty punchless. That seems like a recipe for the Ravens to cruise to a win.

3. Chiefs over Jaguars – If you need to go down the charts a bit for your pick, the Chiefs are the bet. The Jaguars have major quarterback trouble this week, and that’s a dangerous thing against a defense as potent as K.C.’s. This is the week the Chiefs get back on the winning track, and you can take advantage in your pool.

Trap to avoid – Tampa Bay over St. Louis – You might seek to get really creative and take the Buccaneers at home, but Tampa has suffered two big losses at home, and the Rams are playing pretty well. We’re all for creativity, but this pick is too risky to bank your season on.

Week 6 – L Chicago (vs. Seattle)
Week 5 – L Houston (vs. N.Y. Giants)
Week 4 – L Tennessee (vs. Denver)
Week 3 – W Baltimore (over Cleveland)
Week 2 – W Oakland (over St. Louis)
Week 1 – W N.Y Giants (over Carolina)


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