Rise/Sink/Float Week 4

Each week, we preview teams that are moving up and moving down in our weekly Football Relativity comparison. We’ll analyze all 32 teams on Tuesday.

Rise – St. Louis Rams – The Rams got a solid 20-3 home victory over the Seahawks, moving to 2-2 and first place in the sad-sack NFC West. Rookie Sam Bradford has been good enough to give the Rams offense some punch, and the Rams have been better defensively. They’re 2-1 at home and must prove they can win away from the arch, but the Rams are at least showing they’re no longer pushovers.

Sink – New Orleans Saints – The Saints eked out a 16-14 home win over the Panthers on a late John Carney field goal, but injuries to Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas have really limited the offense’s explosiveness. Until that pop returns, we can’t put the Saints at the uppermost level of the comparison.

Float – Pittsburgh Steelers – The Steelers suffered their first loss of the season 17-14 against Baltimore, but the big picture is still rosy in Blitzburgh. With Ben Roethlisberger returning for the Steelers’ next game, Pittsburgh now has an answer to its biggest question mark.


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