Raye out by the bay

The 49ers made the first coordinator change of the 2010 season Monday, firing offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye. Raye is a veteran coach who has had several chances as an offensive coordinator (although they didn’t usually turn out well). The 49ers have struggled offensively, which is a shame given the quality of targets like Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree, and Frank Gore. But even worse, the 49ers have struggled with the mechanics of getting plays in, which is unacceptable for a pro team.

Raye might not have been the only problem in San Francisco, but he wasn’t making things better, and as the 49ers try to dig out of a 0-3 hole major changes are warranted. Mike Johnson, the new offensive coordinator who may have been angling for Raye’s job, now must deliver.

Raye, meanwhile, must try to find another home as an NFL coach, which he has been since 1977. His veteran experience could help somewhere, but chances are that this is Raye’s last shot as a coordinator. And the way his resume reads, that’s probably fair. He’s a good coach but not a quality coordinator.


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