Eliminator Pool Suggestions – Week 3

(We normally call this post the suicide pool picks, but after Kenny McKinley’s decision to take his own life this week, that headline seemed inappropriate.)

Last week was another successful week in our picks, as we gave you a win with the Raiders (saving better teams for later) and also warned you off the Panthers, who lost at home to the Bucs. This week, we’re going toward the obvious picks, because that’s where the value is. As always, our top pick is the official pick, but we’ll give you some options and also warn you off a game.

1. New England over Buffalo – It kind of stinks to use a good team like the Patriots this early in the season, but the Pats are a solid pick over the sad-sack Bills. Plus, looking at the schedule going forward, this is the most favorable matchup the Pats have at home all year. So go ahead and cash in your win with the Patriots this week.

2. Baltimore over Cleveland – The Ravens are also an obvious pick over the Browns, but we prefer the Patriots because the Browns have shown a little more moxie than the Bills right now. But the Ravens should be clear winners in this one as well. This is also the most favorable matchup on Baltimore’s schedule, so using the Ravens this week makes sense. But we believe the Ravens have the potential to emerge into a top-flight team, so we’ll save them going forward.

3. New Orleans over Atlanta – One of the reasons that spending the Patriots or Ravens this week makes sense is that there’s not really a good sleeper pick, a la the Raiders last week. So our third pick is actually the Saints in a tough divisional game over the Falcons. We believe the Saints win this one, but this should show you that picking the Pats or Ravens is the way to go this week.

Trap to avoid: Minnesota vs. Detroit – The Vikings are a popular pick this week, but the Lions have been close in their first two games, and the Vikings aren’t playing well right now. An upset is possible here, so stay away from this game.

Week 2 – W Oakland (over St. Louis)
Week 1 – W N.Y Giants (over Carolina)

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