Crazy Kicker of Week 2

There has been a shocking lack of shenanigans from kickers thus far in the NFL season, but Tennessee’s Rob Bironas moved onto the Crazy Kicker list in Week 2 with a sneaky-good onside kick. With the Titans trailing 19-11 late in the fourth quarter, Bironas lined up for an onside kick to the left, but instead of going for a big hopper to that side, he dribbled the ball up the middle. Only one Steeler was in the area, and when he couldn’t handle the ball, the Titans recovered. During film prep for the week, the Titans identified the middle as the weak spot in the Steelers’ hands team, and Bironas executed the plan perfectly to give the Titans one last-gasp opportunity. For that, we’ll award Rob the Crazy Kicker of the Week award.

2010 Crazy Kickers of the Week
CFL: WR Dave Stala, Tiger-Cats
Preseason Week 1: P Brett Kern, Titans
Preseason Week 2: PK Robbie Gould, Bears
Week 2: PK/Kickoff Rob Bironas, Titans


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3 responses to “Crazy Kicker of Week 2

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  2. Confused

    Isn’t Colin Allred the TITAN who recovered this onside kick? You have him listed as a Steeler who can’t handle the ball. It sure looked like he could handle the ball to me.

  3. rn575

    You’re right, Zach. I read the play-by-play recap wrong. Thanks for catching that

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