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Suicide Pool Suggestions – Week 2

The Black Hole

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We gave you a winner last week with the Giants. This week offers several possibilities for picks, but we see an opportunity to use a lower-tier team and save big guns for later.

1. Oakland over St. Louis – The Raiders laid an egg in Week One, and that makes this pick scary. But while the Rams are rebuilding, we don’t expect them to be nearly as competitive on the road as they were at home, and the Black Hole is about the least friendly place possible for Sam Bradford’s first road game. If you believe the Raiders will move toward league average this year with a league average quarterback in Jason Campbell, and if you believe the Raiders’ defense can cause some problems as we do, then this game seems to lay out for the Raiders. So take the risk and cash in the Raiders in your pool this week, knowing that you won’t want to use them going forward.

2. Green Bay over Buffalo – This is the obvious pick, because the Packers are really good and the Bills are really bad. We prefer to save the Packers for later, but Green Bay should win this game comfortably.

3. Dallas over Chicago – The Cowboys lost in Week 1, and the Bears won, but now the Cowboys return home and the Bears hit the road. We believe the Cowboys are far better than the Bears, and so this pick seems pretty safe.

Trap to avoid – Carolina over Tampa Bay – The Panthers’ offense made a ton of mistakes last year, and QB Matt Moore is battling a concussion and may not play. Those are two trouble signs given the fact that the Buccaneers pulled off a come-from-behind win last week. Just stay away and save yourself the heartburn.

Week 1 – W N.Y Giants (over Carolina)

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