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Fantasy Football: Draft board changes

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We posted our Fantasy Football draft board about 10 days ago, and today we went through the board and made final changes before our drafts happen. We thought we’d share these changes and our thinking behind them.

Moving Up
RB Ryan Mathews, Chargers  – Moves up from top of Tier 2 to bottom of Tier 1. We now prefer him to Rashard Mendenhall or Cedric Benson.
RB Arian Foster, Texans – Moves from Tier 3B to bottom of Tier 2. Now a top-15 caliber fantasy back and a top-35 overall pick. Now on par with Ahmad Bradshaw on our draft board.
WR Malcom Floyd, Chargers – Moves up 13 spots overall because of Vincent Jackson’s holdout. Now on par with Dwayne Bowe on our draft board.

Moving Down
WR Sidney Rice, Vikings – Moves down because of injury that could cost him half the season. Moves to the bottom of Tier 3 as a draft-and-hold prospect.
WR Vincent Jackson, Chargers – Moves down because holdout remains in effect. Moves to the bottom of Tier 3 as a draft-and-hold prospect.
WR Brett Favre, Vikings – Moves down because of Sidney Rice’s injury. Moves from Tier 2 to Tier 3 but remains the No. 8 overall QB.

Moving On
WR Legedu Naanee, Chargers – Gains value because Vincent Jackson’s holdout isn’t resolved. Becomes a late-round flier on Tier 5.
WR Greg Camarillo, Vikings – Gains value because of trade to Vikings and Sidney Rice’s injury. Becomes a late-round flier on Tier 5.
WRs Laurent Robinson and Danny Amendola, Rams – Gain value because of Donnie Avery’s injury. Both become late-round fliers on Tier 5. We prefer Amendola slightly.
RB Kareem Hughes, Buccaneers – Gains value because he beat out Derrick Ward for backup RB job behind Cadillac Williams. Becomes a late-round flier on Tier 5.
WR Jordan Shipley, Bengals – Gains value because of Antonio Bryant’s release. Becomes a late-round flier on Tier 5.

Moving Off
WR Donnie Avery, Rams (injury)
QB Matt Leinart, Cardinals (lost job)
RB Derrick Ward, Buccaneers (cut)

Do not draft
The following players are on injured reserve and out for the year. We added them to our do not draft list.
QB: Jim Sorgi, Giants
RB: P.J. Hill, Saints
WR: Marcus Easley, Bills; Jaymar Johnson, Vikings; Kerry Meier, Falcons, Donnie Avery, Rams; Sinorice Moss, Giants; Wallace Wright, Panthers; Malcolm Kelly, Redskins
TE: Jake Nordin, Lions; Joey Haynos, Lions


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