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Crazy Kicker of Preseason Week 1

There were two candidates for the crazy kicker of Week 1 of the preseason. Giants rookie P Matt Dodge, who had his first professional punt blocked, was a strong candidate. But since we’re positive people, we’re awarding the prize to Tennessee P Brett Kern, who threw a fake-punt pass to Ahmard Hall for a 16-yard gain in the second quarter of the Titans’ 20-18 loss to Seattle. Here’s a look at Kern’s elegant throwing motion (Tim Tebow is taking notes):

Titans coach Jeff Fisher apparently joked that he needed a stopwatch to time Kern’s throw, but Kern said that, as a punter, good hangtime is his main concern. Touche, Brett, and congratulations on being the first crazy kicker of the week for NFL 2010.

2010 Crazy Kickers of the Week
CFL: WR Dave Stala, Tiger-Cats
Preseason Week 1: P Brett Kern, Titans

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