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‘Got things to do’

The end-of-the-week surprise in the NFL came from Buffalo, where OT Brad Butler announced his retirement. Here are some insights on that retirement, which we’ll compare to other 2010 retirements in an upcoming post.

Butler missed all but two games of the ’09 season with an ACL injury, but he had started the previous two years at right tackle. Now, at age 26, he’s decided to leave the NFL via retirement so he can pursue his passion for public service. It’s unusual to see a starting-caliber player leave NFL money behind so early, but you have to admire Butler’s desire to do something to help communities and individuals with his life. His former teammate, SI’s Ross Tucker, said that the retirement wasn’t really a shock for those who knew Butler. In Tucker’s words, Butler’s “got things to do.”

For the Bills, this is a blow, because Butler was one of the few veterans slated to return to the offensive line for 2010.

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