I need your help

I need your help. I want to do a crowd-sourced post for the blog about what each NFL team needs via free agency and the draft this season. So I’d like you to leave a comment with a quick take on what your favorite NFL team (or your local NFL team) needs to add in the offseason. We’ll combine all the answers we get via blog, Facebook, and Twitter, and create a post sometime next week. And of course, we’ll give props to all our contributors in the post. Thanks for the help!



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4 responses to “I need your help

  1. Rob Walton

    The Philadelphia Eagles desperately need to upgrade their linebacking corps and pass rush. The offense (mostly) fired on all cylinders last season, as long as the Cowboys weren’t the opponent. But if they’re going to continue to implement the blitzing schemes of the late Jim Johnson, they need the personal to do so, and the likes of Jeremiah Trotter won’t get it done. I wouldn’t be opposed to the rumored Donovan McNabb for Julius Peppers swap, and then focus on linebackers in the draft and free agency. Kevin Kolb, with time to practice with the first team, seemed perfectly capable of running the offense, and it just seems time for the McNabb era to end gracefully. It’s been a good run, at times great, but a Super Bowl seems unlikely with McNabb at this stage of his career.

  2. For the St. Louis Rams – Where do we start?

    On offense: they have a great running back in Steven Jackson, but need a capable backup. They need a better QB, a true number 1 receiver (Donnie Avery is good, but probably not a true #1), a good TE to fit their attempt at the West Coast scheme. O-line needs a better tackle than Alex Barron, who has been a disappointment. Rookie Jason Smith was good in limited duty do to injuries.

    On defense: they have good safeties and a good MLB (rookie James Laurinitis looks like a keeper). They really need depth and improvement at corner and better OLBs and their DL is particularly weak. Chris Long (#2 pick overall), looks like an above avg end, but not much more (not a bust, but close). Leonard Little doesn’t have much left, DT’s feature nothing special and it looks like Hsu is a great choice for #1 overall.

  3. Chase

    The Panthers need a clean bill of health from their front seven. On offense, they desperately need a second receiving threat to complement Steve Smith and some competition for Matt Moore in camp. They should probably resign Brayton, especially if they are going to let Peppers walk.

  4. daniellesteph

    Jacksonville Jaguars!
    we need pass rushers!

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