Death of a storyline

When we started this blog one year ago, we did so to try to provide an alternative to the lazy analysis that is so prevalent around the NFL. We complained about how power rankings do little to tell us how teams truly compare to each other, and we came up with the relativity comparison – an alternative that actually tells you more than a simple rankings list.

But power rankings aren’t the only color-by-numbers talking points being presented as analysis right now. Over the past month, we’ve all heard far, far too much about this artificial question – should the Saints and Colts have rested their players? This whole discussion ignored the fact that the Saints top three running backs and top cornerbacks were banged up, or the fact that the Colts would be absolutely nothing without Peyton Manning. Instead, the talking heads prattled on with incessant and insipid discussion about this whole resting-players storyline.

Thankfully, on Saturday we saw the death of a storyline. The Saints and Colts were the better team in their respective games, and both won handily. (We’ll analyze these wins in more detail in future posts this week.) In the process, they killed this resting-players storyline not only for this year but for future years as well. And for that, we’re thankful.

So as we celebrate a year of Football Relativity, we could have no better birthday present than the death of this storyline. Thanks for letting us rant; we’ll return to our relativity comparisons and other actual analysis, quirkiness, and other fun forthwith.

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