Rise/Sink/Float Week 17

Each Monday, we’ll look at 3 teams that are rising, sinking, and floating in our Football Relativity comparison. We’ll share our postseason version and also compare the 20 teams missing the postseason in posts later this week.

Rise – Houston Texans, Atlanta Falcons – Both teams had historic finishes, as the Texans got to 9-7 for the first time in franchise history (securing Gary Kubiak’s job in the process), while the Falcons finished 9-7 to notch a second straight winning season for the first time in the 43 years they have been playing. While the Falcons’ accomplishment won’t lead to the playoffs, it’s still a positive step for a franchise that for far too long has seen but sporadic success.

Sink – New England Patriots – The Patriots lost in Houston, but the reason for the sinkage is the devastating knee injury suffered by Wes Welker. With Welker unavailable for the playoffs, the Patriots will find it hard to move the chains effectively. New England lost the one player it couldn’t afford to lose, and that will undoubtedly be significant in the playoffs next week.

Float – Green Bay Packers – It’s hard to read too much into a Week 17 game that basically turned into a wild-card playoff game preview, so we can’t elevate the Packers on our comparison. But there’s no doubt that the impressive performance Green Bay turned in by blowing out the Cardinals served notice that the Packers are not to be taken lightly in the playoffs.

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