Fantasy Football: The ultimate postseason fantasy game

Fear not, fantasy football fans. The end of the NFL regular season doesn’t mean you can’t play fantasy football anymore. We’ve developed an easy way to play fantasy football in the postseason. While there aren’t online places to track your scores, a simple spreadsheet will allow you to track this game. Here are the rules:

*A league has 6 teams
*Each team drafts the following: 2 quarterbacks, 3 running backs, 3 receivers, 1 tight end, 2 placekickers, and 2 defenses (this causes the league to include every starting QB, PK, and defense and all of the significant running backs, wideouts, and tight ends)
*Simple scoring applies – 6 points for a touchdown, 4  points for a touchdown pass, 3 points for a field goal, 2 points for a scored 2-point conversion or safety, 1 point for an extra point or a 2-point conversion pass
*Scoring is cumulative over the playoffs. This prevents teams from being overly penalized for drafting players who have first-round byes

Those are the rules. To help you prepare, here are the top-5 playoff fantasy scorers from each of the last three years under this scoring system

2009: Kurt Warner 45 (4 games); Larry Fitzgerald 42 (4 games), David Akers 32 (3 games), Neil Rackers 28 (4 games), Donovan McNabb 26 (3 games)

2008: Eli Manning 28 (4 games), Lawrence Tynes 25 (4 games), Brandon Jacobs 24 (4 games), Tom Brady 24 (4 games), Nate Kaeding 21 (3 games)

2007: Adam Vinatieri 49 (4 games), Stephen Gostkowski 33 (3 games), Robbie Gould 27 (3 games), Thomas Jones 24 (3 games), Tom Brady 20 (3 games)


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