Rise/Sink/Float Week 13

Each Monday, we’ll look at 3 teams that are rising, sinking, and floating in our Football Relativity comparison. We’ll update the full comparison tomorrow.

Rise – Jacksonville Jaguars – The Jags have been pretty inconsistent all season, but they finally won a game they should have won with an important 23-18 home win against the Houston Texans. Now that they move to 7-5, the Jags move up a level because they showed they are real contenders to claim a wild card in the AFC.

Sink – New England Patriots – No longer can we pretend that the Patriots have only lost to good teams on the road. In the end, a true contender would have won at least once in five chances in true road games. Sunday’s 22-21 loss in Miami also opened the door to both the Dolphins and the Jets in the AFC East. Suddenly, the Pats are no shoo-in to make the playoffs.

Float – Philadelphia Eagles – The Eagles thumped the Falcons on the road 34-7, and good for them, but it’s hard to promote Philly after beating up such a banged-up Atlanta squad. So for this week, we’ll leave the Eagles just outside the level in the comparison reserved for teams we can see actually making a run to the conference championship games and beyond.


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