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Suicide Pool Picks – Week 13

Dallas made us thankful on Turkey Day for another suicide-pool victory. Here are this week’s picks.

1. Cincinnati over Detroit – The Bengals can look unmotivated against mediocre teams, but they have for the most part taken care of business at home. This is a TCB game against a Detroit team that was undermanned even before they got as banged up as they are. So while taking the Bengals is a little nerve-wracking, this is the matchup to use this week.

2. San Diego at Cleveland – If the Bengals make you too nervous, you can ride the red-hot Chargers into Cleveland. San Diego has won six straight and has blown out its last two opponents, both of which are excellent signs. Given how putrid the Browns are, this should be a gimme. But it might look good to keep the Chargers holstered to use in Week 17 at home against Washington in what looks like a mail-it-in special for the Skins.

3. Chicago over St. Louis – The Bears have been awful lately, but the Rams have been awful all season. That, plus the fact that the Bears did whip the Browns in a similar game earlier this offseason, makes this a nice sleeper pick if you are out of good teams or wanting to reserve some.

Trap to avoid – Denver at Kansas City – Arrowhead was a tough place both for the Cowboys (who squeaked out an overtime win) and the Steelers (who suffered an overtime loss). Denver isn’t as good as either of those teams, which makes this a dangerous pick.

Week 12: W Dallas (over Oakland)
Week 11: W Arizona (over St. Louis)
Week 10: W Miami (over Tampa Bay)
Week 9: W Atlanta (over Washington)
Week 8: W Chicago (over Cleveland)
Week 7: W Indianapolis (over St. Louis)
Week 6: L Jets (vs. Buffalo)
Week 5: W Philadelphia (over Tampa Bay)
Week 4: W San Francisco (over St. Louis)
Week 3: L Houston (vs. Jacksonville)
Week 2: L Jacksonville (vs. Arizona)
Week 1: W New Orleans (over Detroit)

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