Rise/Sink/Float Week 12

Each Monday, we’ll look at 3 teams that are rising, sinking, and floating in our Football Relativity comparison. We’ll update the full comparison tomorrow.

Rise – San Diego Chargers – The Chargers reeled off their sixth consecutive win, and for the second straight week they won in a blowout against a division rival by smashing the Chiefs 43-14. The defensive problems that plagued the Bolts early in the season have abated, and the running game is also starting to look better. And all the while, Philip Rivers maintains a high level of performance. Right now, the Chargers are a top-5 team in the league.

Sink – Miami Dolphins – Throughout the season, we’ve left the Dolphins in the realm of the fringe playoff contenders, but Sunday’s blowout 31-14 loss to the Bills in Buffalo might have been a death knell on their postseason hopes. Not only are they 5-6, but their remaining schedule has them facing New England, Houston, and Pittsburgh at home and Tennessee and Jacksonville on the road. Without a win over the Bills, that road won’t yield enough wins for Miami to return to the postseason.

Float – Philadelphia Eagles – Sunday’s 27-24 win over Washington looked rough for the Eagles, but the bottom line is that they got a win over a division rival that has played much better of late. Philly is not a perfect team, but they are more dangerous than they have been lately because of their young receivers. That, plus the questions about the Giants, gives the Eagles a one-hurdle path to the NFC East title. That race should come down to the Week 17 battle in Jerry’s world.

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  1. chase

    being a texan now, i think it is just jerryworld…

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