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This week’s NFL lesson

On our Most Valuable Network blog, we highlighted the big lesson we learned from watching the NFL this week. That lesson?

Be careful what you wish for.

When MVN folded, we added the full post archive:

The biggest lesson the NFL has taught us this week is this: Be careful what you wish for.

We learn this lesson from the experience of former Chiefs RB Larry Johnson. As you’ve undoubtedly heard, LJ went on Twitter and then in front of the press and went on rants designed to get him out of Kansas City, and after losing one game check and one game, he got his wish. The team cut him. LJ undoubtedly thought he’d be snapped up, especially since he can play on a minimum salary for the rest of the season and still collect checks from the Chiefs. It seemed like a no-brainer to LJ.

But now a week has gone by, and no one has claimed Johnson on waivers. He won’t be on a roster for this weekend’s games, and the free agent market for him has been soft to say the least. He might get a job again, but that’ s far from a certainty right now.

The bottom line is that Johnson has a lot of miles on his legs, and his performance lately has really fallen off. He’s not the dominant back he was four or five seasons ago. Forget rushing for 2,000 yards in a season; LJ is at a stage now that he would be hard pressed to pile up 800 yards over the season. Like many older running backs, including recent cut Edgerrin James, LJ is declining so quickly that he might be done. Unfortunately, LJ doesn’t seem to know it yet.

 So enjoy being free, Larry. We hope it’s everything you thought it would be. But we believe it’s probably not anything close to what you wished for.

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