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Suicide Pool Suggestions – Week 10

We got a win with the Falcons last week, so we’re back to building a streak. Plus, we told you to stay away from the Niners vs. the Titans. Hopefully that makes up for putting the Packers over the Bucs as our No. 2 suggestion. On to this week’s suggestions…

1. Miami over Tampa Bay – Yes, the Bucs won last week, but that was against a team that struggles defensively and in pass protection. We feel confident that the Dolphins, a solid team, will beat the Bucs into submission with their running game. And there’s no way that Miami will let Josh Freeman throw three late touchdowns to beat them. This is a bit of a risky pick, simply because the Dolphins are only 3-5, but this is the ideal spot to use the Dolphins to save power teams down the stretch.

2. Minnesota over Detroit – If you’re in the mood for a safer pick, the Vikings are your team. They whipped the Lions in Detroit earlier this year and are hands down better. So this is the time to use this power team if you’re risk-averse.

3. Tennessee over Buffalo – This is another super-risky pick, but we feel like the Titans have righted the ship with Vince Young and are now ready to pile up a few wins. One over Buffalo, especially in Nashville, is predictable.

Traps to avoid –  Arizona vs. Seattle, Baltimore at Cleveland – The Cardinals are better than the Seahawks, but the fact that they’ve struggled so much at home is a bit of a red flag. The bigger red flag is in Cleveland, where the Browns have the advantage of coming off a bye vs. the Ravens. Remember that the Browns played way, way over their heads in primetime games last year.

Week 9: W Atlanta (over Washington)
Week 8: W Chicago (over Cleveland)
Week 7: W Indianapolis (over St. Louis)
Week 6: L Jets (vs. Buffalo)
Week 5: W Philadelphia (over Tampa Bay)
Week 4: W San Francisco (over St. Louis)
Week 3: L Houston (vs. Jacksonville)
Week 2: L Jacksonville (vs. Arizona)
Week 1: W New Orleans (over Detroit)

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Pick ’em Week 10

We finally got some traction with the pro picks last week. The colleges continue to confuse us. Here are this week’s picks…

West Virginia +9 at Cincinnati
Tennessee +4.5 at Ole Miss
USC -11 vs. Stanford
Florida -15.5 at South Carolina
Auburn +4.5 at Georgia
Oklahoma State -4 vs. Texas Tech
Notre Dame +7 at Pittsburgh
Arizona E at California

Chicago +3 at San Francisco
Carolina +2 vs. Atlanta
Cincinnati +7 at Pittsburgh
Dallas -3 at Green Bay
San Diego -3 vs. Philadelphia
New England +3 at Indianapolis

Last week 2-5 college, 6-2 pro
Season 35-60-1 college, 31-31-1 pro, 66-91-2 overall

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