Rise/Sink/Float Week 8

Each Monday, we’ll look at 3 teams that are rising, sinking, and floating in our Football Relativity comparison. We’ll update the full comparison tomorrow.

Rise – Carolina Panthers – The Panthers aren’t a great team, but they were motivated to exact revenge on the Cardinals after last year’s playoff disaster. This win moves the Panthers to 3-4, and it’s still conceivable they could save their season from this point. Even better for them, Julius Peppers showed up big in this game. We can’t completely write Carolina off now, and that means they climb a step up the ladder now.

Sink – New York Giants – We thought it was just a blip, but now the Giants have lost three straight games, including an embarassing 40-17 loss to division-rival Philly Sunday. The defensive injuries to players like Kenny Phillips have taken a toll. Right now, it’s impossible to consider the Giants a championship-caliber team.

Float – San Francisco 49ers – We can’t give an upgrade for a moral victory, but even in their fourth straight loss the Niners showed they can still play with the league’s good teams. The Niners need a win and soon, but they are still good enough to make a run at 9-7 and a playoff berth.

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