Meet Spanx

My brother Chase thinks there’s a curse. We’ve given two guys nicknames on this blog – Kris Jenkins (aka Jackpot) and Pisa Tinoisamoa (aka the Tower). Both went on injured reserve this week with injuries.

We decided that we must test this curse theory. Is the new Madden video-game cover? Or is there just an eerie coincidence? One thing is for certain – the best way to test this is with the most durable quarterback of all-time — Brett Favre.

We called Favre the king of separation anxiety when he returned to the the NFL during training camp. You can abbreviate that SepAnx, which of course shortens to Spanx. So we’re nicknaming Favre after a line of women’s slimming undergarments. (Hey, when I got married, I started watching Oprah with my wife occasionally. You learn stuff. This is one of those things.)

If Favre gets hurt and has to miss a game, we’ll know for sure that we wield a curse. If that’s the case, we will use the power of said curse indiscriminately and with bias. It will be fun.

Until then, say hi to Spanx for us.


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