Suicide Pool Suggestions – Week 7

Boo to the Jets, who lost a game they absolutely should have won at home against the Bills last week. Hey Rex, there’s no shame in shutting the passing game down and running the ball down a team’s throats, especially when the running game is working and the weather is bad. We’ll chalk this up to a rookie coach and a rookie quarterback just blowing a game. But it hurts our suicide pool picks.

We did hit on Pittsburgh over Cleveland, and we also eked out our No. 3 suggestion when the Jaguars nipped the Rams in OT. And we also made sure people avoided Washington at home against K.C. So we’re providing good info – we just can’t hit that No. 1 pick. (Although we’re undefeated at No. 2 this year.)

Let’s move forward with this week’s picks:


1. Indianpolis over St. Louis – We don’t love picking road teams here, but the Colts have been so dominant and the Rams so lethargic that we feel safe doing so here. Plus, looking at the Colts schedule, this is the biggest lock left on their slate. So use the Colts here and believe that we can find good value with other teams in the weeks to come.

2. New England over Tampa Bay – This game is in London, and it’s another massive mismatch. The Patriots should pillory the Bucs, especially via the passing game after New England’s snowy explosion last week and the Bucs’ continuing problems with the secondary. This also looks like the Pats’ biggest edge going forward, but given the fact that there’s an overseas variable, we’ll pick the Colts as our No. 1 pick this week.

3. Philadelphia over Washington – This is another road game, but we’re basing this pick on the crisis of confidence in Washington and the ticked-off factor that the Eagles should have after last week’s horrendous loss at Oakland. The Monday-night factor could work in Washington’s favor, but we doubt it.

Traps to avoid: Green Bay at Cleveland, San Diego at Kansas City – The Browns have been a little more competitive lately, and they do have the kind of pass rushers that could give the Packers’ awful offensive line problems. That’s enough reason to pass on the Pack this week. The Chargers are not a great team, but a good one, and the Chiefs have been competitive in three of the last four weeks. For some funny reason, I can smell a Chiefs upset here. So stay away from S.D.

Week 6: L Jets (vs. Buffalo)
Week 5: W Philadelphia (over Tampa Bay)
Week 4: W San Francisco (over St. Louis)
Week 3: L Houston (vs. Jacksonville)
Week 2: L Jacksonville (vs. Arizona)
Week 1: W New Orleans (over Detroit)

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